Ever wonder why your Google Ads aren’t hitting the mark despite your efforts?

By partnering with Search Marketing Pros, you'll have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your Google Ads campaigns. We'll provide actionable recommendations to optimize your campaign settings, ad creatives, landing pages, and targeting, ultimately driving down costs and increasing conversion rates.


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Contact Search Marketing Pros today and take advantage of our industry-leading Google Ads Audit. Let us help you optimize your campaigns, lower your cost per click, improve conversion rates, and maximize the effectiveness of your Google Ads investment. Get started on the path to optimized Google Ads campaigns with Search Marketing Pros now!

What do our Google Ads Audits include?

As a premier agency specializing in Google Ads management, our team of seasoned experts is committed to delivering exemplary Google Ads Audit services that transcend conventional advertising tactics, ensuring your campaigns are primed for success in the digital arena. We recognize and understand the intricate challenges in Google Ads management, and our audit services are designed to unveil actionable insights tailored to your specific advertising objectives, leading to enhanced ad performance and maximize ROI.

The Google Ads Audit aims to not only spotlight the strengths and weaknesses of your current advertising endeavors but also to lay down a robust roadmap for implementing data-driven optimizations. With us as your trusted partner, you're equipped with a strategic vantage point to refine your advertising efforts, drive superior engagement, and accelerate conversions, making us the preferred choice for businesses aspiring for sustainable growth and a competitive edge in the online advertising space.

Google Ads strategy review

Exam your strategy to evaluate ROI-driven Google Ads strategy, expertly crafted to reduce CPL, while strategically guiding customers through brand awareness, consideration, and conversion stages for maximum results.

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Campaign analysis

Our Google Ads Audit process includes campaign analysis, allowing us to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions for improvement.

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Keyword analysis

During our Google Ads audit process, we conduct thorough keyword research to ensure your campaigns are targeting the most relevant and high-performing keywords for optimal results.

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Ad group analysis

With ad group analysis as part of our Google Ads Audit process, we evaluate the organization and structure of your ad groups to maximize relevance and increase campaign performance.

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Performance tracking

Through performance tracking in our Google Ads Audit process, we monitor key metrics and trends to identify areas of success and areas that require attention or adjustment.

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Looking for plans and pricing?
Get a custom Google Ads Audit 

Custom Google Ads Audit Plans

Starting at $1,000

Discuss your business goals

We’ll work with you to decide both short and long-term objectives so we create a Google Ads Audit Plan that works towards your goals.

Analyze your market and competitors

We'll dive into your competitors - find strengths and weaknesses - to determine the best action plan.

Review your roadmap

Lastly, we'll review your roadmap and give you a clear process that shows you exactly what should happen when.

Included in All Plans

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    Thorough Google Ads Audit covering all campaigns and locations, analyzing ad performance, keyword targeting, budget allocation, and ad copy for enhanced local results

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    Roadmap with priorities that allow you to understand exactly what needs to get done when

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    Data-backed recommendations

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    All-in-one competitor snapshot

Benefits of a Google Ads Audit from Search Marketing Pros


Actionable & Prioritized Roadmap

Embark on a journey where every click, every ad, and every bid is a meticulously planned step towards your goals. With our actionable & prioritized roadmap, we navigate through the digital cosmos of your Google Ads, crafting a strategy that’s not just a list but a narrative, ensuring every campaign, keyword, and creative is a star illuminating your path to digital success.


ROI Growth

In the universe of your Google Ads, imagine each dollar spent not just working, but working smarter and harder. Through our Google Ads Audit, we ensure your investment morphs into a spectacle of ROI growth, turning your advertising budget into a well-oiled machine where every click, every impression is a step towards not just growth but exponential growth, crafting a narrative of success that resonates across every campaign.


Revenue That Keeps on Giving

Imagine a world where your Google Ads don’t just bring in revenue but become a consistent, reliable stream of income. Our audit ensures that your ads, campaigns, and keywords are not just performers but star performers, turning every click into a conversion and every conversion into a customer, ensuring your Google Ads become a revenue stream that flows, uninterrupted and ever-prolific.


Experts On-Demand

Navigating the ever-evolving cosmos of Google Ads requires not just expertise but a relentless pursuit of knowledge. With our on-demand experts, you have at your fingertips a team that doesn’t just understand Google Ads but lives it, ensuring your campaigns are not just in the race but leading it, turning every new trend and insight into an opportunity, and every opportunity into a potential windfall.

Our Google Ads Audit process

Step 1: Discovery

Our odyssey begins by immersing ourselves into your Google Ads account, seeking to understand not just the metrics, but the aspirations and business goals that have charted your digital advertising journey thus far. We become intimately acquainted with the campaigns you’ve launched, exploring their trajectories to sketch the current narrative of your brand's digital advertising universe.

Step 2: Analysis

With a blend of analytical artistry and digital curiosity, we dive into an exhaustive exploration of your ad performance, campaign structures, and keyword landscape. Our eyes dance over the rhythm of your click-through rates, the resonance of your ad creatives, and the melody of your conversion paths. This phase is about unearthing the hidden, yet potent, data-driven insights that will fuel our strategy, ensuring every ad, keyword, and bid is a celestial body working in harmony with your objectives.

Step 3: Roadmap

Armed with a treasure trove of insights, we then architect a strategic roadmap that’s as visionary as it is actionable. This roadmap is your brand’s compass in the digital wilderness of Google Ads, detailing a robust implementation plan adorned with clear milestones. We lay down a solid framework for meticulous campaign refinement, ensuring a rhythmic cadence of enhancement that propels your digital advertising towards a zenith of performance and ROI.

Pricing custom to you. Starting at $1,000.

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"The report provided by Search Marketing Pros was comprehensive and easy to understand. It outlined areas of improvement and provided actionable recommendations that we have implemented with great success. The team's expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout the audit process."

Justin True
CEO, JDT Advisors


Unlock 25% greater ROI with Search Marketing Pros  a Google Ads Audit

Search Marketing Pros


Dedicated account manager to work with your team


All-in-one platform and reporting to see Google Ads Audit ROI in real-time


Plans built to meet your business objectives, competitive advantages and market changes


Full view project management, help desk and direct client phone

Typical SEM Agency


Dedicated account manager that may respond when convenient


Multiple reporting and/or lagging in reporting tracking things that don’t move ROI


Duplicate checklist used on every company and industry


Dedicated account manager to work with your team

In-house Marketer


Team member with the best intentions that can’t keep up with changing digital environment


Reports when things go well, but won’t show when things go wrong (and may not know why)


Has the drive to finish, but with limited resources, can only address so many things at once


Dedicated account manager to work with your team

Learn more about a Google Ads Audit

What is a Google Ads Audit?

A Google Ads Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign within the Google Ads platform. It involves examining various components such as the Google audit, Google Ads account audit, and Google Google Ads audit.

Conducted using a PPC audit checklist and a Google Ads Audit checklist, this process scrutinizes key performance indicators, including click-through rates, conversion rates, keyword relevance, ad quality scores, and budget allocation.

Additionally, campaign settings, targeting options, ad extensions, landing page experience, and ad scheduling are analyzed to identify areas for improvement and untapped opportunities. By conducting a Google Ads Audit, advertisers gain valuable insights and recommendations to optimize their campaigns, maximize return on investment, and achieve their advertising objectives.

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How to audit a Google Ads account?

he process of auditing a Google Ads account is a vital step in optimizing campaign performance and maximizing ROI. Our comprehensive Google Ads Audit includes thorough analysis of campaign settings, ad groups, keywords, ad copies, and bidding strategies.

We meticulously review key performance metrics, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost-per-conversion, to identify areas for improvement. By delving into account structure and targeting, we ensure that the campaigns align with your marketing goals and target audience.

Through data-driven insights, we provide actionable recommendations to refine ad targeting, improve ad relevance, and optimize budget allocation. Our goal is to help you achieve better campaign performance, reduce wasted ad spend, and drive higher-quality leads for your business.

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Google Ads Audit checklist & template

Our Google Ads Audit checklist and template provide a comprehensive framework for a systematic and thorough evaluation of your Google Ads account. We cover all crucial aspects, including campaign settings, ad groups, keywords, ad creatives, and bidding strategies.

With our easy-to-follow template, you can analyze key performance metrics and identify areas that require attention and improvement. By using our checklist, you'll gain valuable insights into account structure, targeting, and ad relevance.

Our goal is to empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns effectively. Whether you're looking to increase conversions, reduce costs, or improve overall campaign performance, our Google Ads Audit checklist and template are invaluable tools to help you achieve your advertising objectives.

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Google Ads Audit FAQs

What is a PPC audit, and why is it important?

A PPC audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns, specifically within Google Ads. It involves analyzing various elements such as the Google Ads account, campaign settings, ad performance, targeting options, and more. It is important because it helps identify areas for improvement, optimize your campaigns, and maximize your return on investment (ROI) in online advertising.

What does a Google Ads account audit entail?

A Google Ads Account Audit involves assessing the overall health and performance of your Google Ads account. It includes evaluating factors such as campaign structure, ad groups, keyword selection, ad quality scores, budget allocation, conversion tracking, and account settings. The audit provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your account and helps optimize its effectiveness.

How does a PPC audit checklist help in the audit process?

A PPC audit checklist serves as a systematic guide to ensure all the crucial aspects of your PPC campaigns are thoroughly reviewed and assessed. It helps the auditor cover key areas such as campaign settings, ad performance, keyword relevance, targeting options, budget management, ad extensions, landing pages, and tracking. The checklist ensures a comprehensive analysis, enabling a more accurate evaluation and actionable recommendations for improvement.

What is the difference between a Google audit and a Google Ads account audit?

A Google Audit typically refers to a broader evaluation of your online presence across various Google platforms and services, including Google Ads. On the other hand, a Google Ads Account Audit specifically focuses on the assessment of your Google Ads account, campaigns, and associated settings. While a Google Audit may encompass SEO, analytics, and other aspects, a Google Ads account audit concentrates solely on your paid advertising efforts within the Google Ads platform.

How can a Google Google Ads audit benefit our marketing campaigns?

A Google Google Ads Audit helps uncover areas where your campaigns may be underperforming or not utilizing best practices. It provides insights into improving ad relevance, targeting options, ad extensions, bidding strategies, and overall campaign structure. By addressing these areas, you can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, increase click-through rates, improve conversion rates, and ultimately achieve better ROI.A Google Google Ads audit helps uncover areas where your campaigns may be underperforming or not utilizing best practices. It provides insights into improving ad relevance, targeting options, ad extensions, bidding strategies, and overall campaign structure. By addressing these areas, you can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, increase click-through rates, improve conversion rates, and ultimately achieve better ROI.

What are the advantages of hiring an agency for a PPC Google audit?

Hiring an agency for a PPC Google Audit offers several benefits. Firstly, agencies have expertise in conducting thorough audits, utilizing industry best practices and specialized knowledge. They can provide an objective analysis and fresh perspective on your campaigns. Additionally, agencies are well-versed in interpreting data and can provide actionable insights and recommendations based on their experience working with various clients and industries.

How can a Google Ads audit service help optimize our campaigns for better performance?

A Google Ads Audit service can help optimize your campaigns by identifying areas for improvement, such as refining ad targeting, streamlining campaign structure, enhancing keyword selection, improving ad quality scores, and maximizing budget allocation. The audit process allows for a detailed analysis of your campaigns and provides recommendations to optimize various elements, ultimately leading to improved campaign performance and better results.

What is the advantage of receiving a Google Ads audit checklist as part of the service?

A Google Ads Audit checklist ensures a systematic and thorough examination of your campaigns. It helps ensure that no critical areas are overlooked during the audit process. With a checklist, you can be confident that the audit covers all the essential aspects, including campaign settings, keyword research, ad performance, budget management, and tracking. It provides a structured approach and acts as a reference point for both the agency and your marketing team.

How do I get started with a Google Ads Audit?

Getting started with Search Marketing Pros Google Ads Audit services is quick and seamless. Simply reach out o our team by calling (901) 699-4779  or  request a free proposal here, and we'll guide you, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience tailored to your specific needs.

View all deliverables for a Google Ads Audit*

Campaign Structure Review


Keyword Analysis


Ad Copy Evaluation

Quality Score Assessment

Bid Management Analysis

Ad Extensions Performance

Landing Page Assessment

Conversion Tracking Review

Geographic & Device Targeting

Ad Schedule Evaluation

Display Network Performance

Remarketing Campaign Assessment

Budget Allocation Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Performance Reporting

Actionable Recommendations

Search Query Analysis

*Deliverables based on business strategy, scoping, hourly rate, requirements,  website size/needs/age, current platforms, etc. - deliverables listed as given in an ideal scenario