Keep Financial
October 2023

How we helped Keep Financial increase their Total Keywords 528%

Through the development and implementation of industry-relevant, SEO-optimized pillar and cluster pages strategically placed on Keep’s website to capture their target audience, we increased their Total Keywords 528% and their Organic Website Traffic increased 40%. Learn more about how we did it.


Search Engine Optimization



Result 1

Increase in Total Keywords

Result 2

Increase in Organic Website Traffic

Project Overview

Keep Financial, a financial technology company that empowers companies to offer flexible compensation to their employees, approached Search Marketing Pros to increase their Organic Website Traffic. Through analysis, we determined that the addition of industry-relevant pillar and cluster pages to their website would capture their target audience and meet their business objectives.

Our Primary focus was to:

  1. Determine which industry topics would best accomplish Keep’s goals
  2. Design and launch 4 Pillar pages and 16 Cluster pages
  3. Provide all 20 pages in Downloadable PDF format for email capture


At Search Marketing Pros, one strategic framework we champion is the pillar and cluster model to elevate organic visibility. For Keep Financial, our strategy centers around constructing comprehensive pillar pages that thoroughly address core financial topics. These pillars serve as foundational touchstones, around which we curate a series of detailed cluster pages focusing on specific subtopics.

By interlinking these clusters back to the main pillar, we not only create a cohesive user experience but also signal to search engines the depth and breadth of Keep Financial's expertise. This structured approach positions Keep Financial as an authoritative voice in the financial domain, maximizing its chances of ranking prominently in search engine results.

Through targeted content creation, meticulous interlinking, and continuous optimization, we aim to drive sustained organic traffic and position Keep Financial at the forefront of online financial discourse.


In only 4 months, our initiatives yielded incredible returns for Keep Financial. Prior to our involvement, when evaluating Keep Financial Organic Keyword rankings, they only ranked for three Top 3 Organic Keywords and three Organic Keywords ranked #4-#10.

4 months after the launch of the Pillar and Cluster pages, their website’s Organic Search Traffic increased by 40%, they saw a 400% increase in #1-#3 Non-Branded Keywords, a 100% increase in SERP Features, and a 528% increase in Total Keywords.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!


"I worked with the team at Search Marketing Pros on our company's pillar and cluster pages. After thorough research and analysis, the pages were optimized to improve search engine visibility and user experience, resulting in a substantial increase in organic traffic and higher rankings for our key industry keywords. Their expertise in search marketing and their ability to provide strategic recommendations were invaluable in achieving the desired outcomes. I highly recommend Search Marketing Pros for their expertise in pillar and cluster pages development."

Kailani Joy
Head of Marketing & Communications, Keep Financial

“Search Marketing Pros went above and beyond by launching successful Paid Social Ads and YouTube Ads that greatly contributed to our overall online visibility and engagement. The targeted approach and compelling creatives they developed led to increased brand recognition and attracted a highly relevant audience to our offerings.I highly recommend Search Marketing Pros for their comprehensive digital marketing services and roll up the sleeves mindset!”

Russ Sneed
CEO, Master Lawn

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